Golf Membership Sales

Are You Ready to Dramatically Boost Your Golf Club’s Membership Sales?

  • Fact; Most golf clubs are struggling for new members

  • Most people selling golf memberships have no formal sales training or sales system

  • Therefore hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars are squandered every month

It’s time to do something about it…

In This Program You Will Discover:

“With the aid of the Golf Membership Sales Success System
 we were able to sell 186 new memberships
 in just 6 months.”

Rick Danruther, Hesperia Golf Club, CA

Are You Sabotaging Your Golf Club’s Membership Sales?

Dear Membership Director, General Manager, Owner or Board Member:

          Based on my extensive experience in the private club industry, the answer to the above question is almost certainly, YES! 


          Since this information probably comes as quite a shock to you, allow me just a few minutes of your time and I will explain how you can quickly end this sabotage and dramatically increase the number of golf memberships you sell next season. What’s more, it does not matter whether you are a 501-7c, high end, low end or anywhere in between. These sales systems have been proven to work at every level of private clubs (and some semi-private) no matter how competitive your particular market might be.

             But first, let me explain why internal sabotage is KILLING your golf membership efforts… 

          Over the last few months, I have talked with many different clubs who have all spent large amounts of money in order to generate memberships, with little result. This came to a head while I was visiting with a club manager in the northeast. He was about to convert his club from public to private (a growing trend) and spend $100,000 in order to JUMP start his membership. He wanted some advice on how to make the most of his marketing budget as he had seen other clubs in the area flounder in pursuit of the same goal. He asked whether print ads would work or if he would be better doing direct mail. 

          I asked a simpler question first: 

“Who is going to answer your phone and WHAT are they going to say?”

          “Whoever picks it up,” was his reply, which believe it or not, was a better reply than I got from some of the other clubs with whom I was having the same conversation! Imagine spending $100,000 to make the phone ring and then having it answered by Sally, a 24-year old girl making $7.25 an hour! 

          Nothing against youth or enthusiasm but the girl in question, at one golf club, had no sales background and didn’t play golf! Yet, the entire success of the campaign rested squarely on her shoulders. She had had no sales training, little direction and was fumbling her way through an unstructured presentation of a membership that cost more than she made in two years! Surprise, surprise the marketing effort was not working.

Golf Membership Sales          Or, what I should say is, the leads were coming in but they were being sabotaged by the frontline sales effort.

          Unfortunately, this scenario is repeated at a great many of the clubs I visit. The marketing person is either a young girl with the ink still wet on her AA degree or a middle-aged lady (occasionally a man) with ZERO real world sales experience. They are all pleasant, presentable, dependable people who know very little about professional selling techniques and are provided with NO TRAINING or direction, other than the average plea to increase memberships, outings or banquet sales. 

              IT’S NOT their fault that they are not selling as many memberships as they should!

          Even at clubs that employ people who have some real world SALES experience, because they lack the structure of sales system, their time gets quickly consumed by day to day tasks unassociated with their primary function. Eight hours come and go on the wind, with little selling being accomplished.

             This gives a club two options for membership sales success, either hire a superstar sales professional in-house, which will cost you five times as much as you are paying now, or you develop a sales training manual and follow up systems that can be used again and again by existing employees to perform at exceptional levels.

             By presenting your frontline staff with a sales system to follow and training to go with it, membership sales can easily jump by 30-40%.  Yet while clubs seem eager to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the phone to ring, almost none spend any money on what happens next! 

             Even a small increase in sales performance, how the phone is answered or how an objection is countered can have an astonishing effect on your success. 

          Imagine if you closed two out of ten leads instead of one. You have just doubled sales at NO Cost!

          Now think of that concept for telephone inquiries, referrals or dealing with objections. Incremental improvement at each phase of the sales process leads to ASTONISHINGLY greater results.

          Which is why NO membership campaign should ever be undertaken without first having sales systems and training in place.

          That’s where the Membership Sales Success System can dramatically change your RESULTS!

The system includes:

Golf Club Membership Sales

You Are Just 20 Minutes a Day Away from Dramatically Improving
Your Golf Membership Sales and 
Owning a Proven System
to Train Your Staff for a Decade to Come!

Improving your membership sales couldn’t be easier with our eight module, Membership Sales Success System. Each 20-30 page module is designed for quick and easy reading. Each module is boiled down to its very essence and packed with detailed scripts, action steps, drills and information designed to produce instant results for increased membership sales.

This System is a Bulletproof Blueprint for Golf Membership Sales Success 

Want to know EXACTLY what to do when the prospect says he has to “think about it”-- so you don’t lose the sale? The exact scripted answer can be found in the Objection Manual on page 21. Or, how about the perfect way to address rumors of unhappy members or financial trouble? It’s all there in black and white; so ALL your staff, always give the PERFECT answer to each and every concern professionally and then continue on with their presentation.

Want an instant way to triple referrals? See Module Eight page 9. You’ll be astonished how easy it is that you’ll slap yourself on the side of the head for not thinking of it sooner!

Want the perfect way to close a sale without saying anything? See Module Seven page 7 for the one simple gesture that does all the work for you. 

These are not theories, these are cutting edge, proven techniques used by the top professionals in the industry. Bring them to your golf club and watch memberships soar! Everything you need to sell more memberships quickly, professionally and consistently is right here in this system.

Here’s specifically what you will learn in each module:

Module One - Getting Ready to Sell Golf Memberships 

Getting in the right mindset to sell golf memberships is just as critical as understanding the finer points of the membership sales process. Your success in membership sales will come from preparation and a good system. This module will help set aside the preconceived ideas you may have about “selling” and yourself as a “salesperson,” and will give practical advice on staying positive, setting goals and dealing with the natural rejection all salespeople face. To sell memberships effectively, you need to practice being comfortable asking people to part with their money. Many people say “No” a few times before they say “Yes.” If you fail to ask them to join more than once (93% of membership directors do) you may miss a great many good members, and they’ll be missing the benefits of your club. We will give you proven concepts that will help you sell memberships in an effective and professional way that you will also find personally rewarding. 

Golf Membership Sales Manual

In This Module You Will Discover: 


“This system is something every private golf club in America should be lining up to buy.
If you don’t need members now, you will soon, and this is the way to get them!”

Chris Wyant, GM, Smoke Rise CC, GA.

Module Two – Building Legendary Rapport

Building rapport is one of the most critical skills in sales success, for it’s a well-known fact that few people buy anything from others they do not like, trust or feel comfortable with. But building rapport means far more than having a good attitude and a smile. It’s how you dress, body language and even the set up of your office.  It’s how you say, what you say and when you say it. It’s politely getting people to share details about themselves so common ground can be found. This module will give you the key insights, questions, and techniques to make building rapport with anyone easy.

In This Module You Will Discover:

Module Three– Legendary Qualifying Techniques

Professional qualifying techniques are essential to the success of the busy membership director. Time is too precious to fretter away on unqualified prospects who waste your time and energy but at the same time you don’t want to frighten off a real prospect. In this module, you will learn how to quickly and professionally spot and qualify the difference between a suspect, a prospect, and a motivated buyer. By focusing your full attention on qualified prospects, your sales figure will quickly rise while you’ll find more time in the day to follow-up on the people most likely to join. 


In This Module You Will Discover:


”Following this system has been an invaluable help in selling memberships at our golf club.
Everyone’s on the same page, doing and saying all the right things!”

Rich Setter, GM, Hunters Oak GC, MD

Module Four - Legendary Phone Techniques

Inbound phone calls are the source of most of your leads. In a good sales system, each lead must be tracked, qualified, graded and followed up until such point as the person is no longer a prospect. It is well-known that first impressions are vitally important and that they are formed during the first two or three minutes of the initial contact. There is no doubt that the success or failure of your membership campaign will be directly related to how well your club is presented on the telephone. The first and most important skill to master on the telephone is the way you use your voice. Your prospective customers can’t see you but they will build a mental image of who you are and what you look like from the tone and power of your voice, start­ing from the moment you pick up the receiver and say, “Hello!” In this module, you will learn professional techniques for using your voice, systemizing your follow-up and enhancing your sales ability.


In This Module You Will Discover:



“Structuring and scripting the membership presentation at Bogey Hills made
selling the benefits of our golf club so much easier!”

Angel Walters, Membership Director, Bogey Hills, MO

Module Five – Developing a Legendary Sales Presentation 

Developing a professional membership presentation is a MUST for sales success, yet only one in a hundred clubs has anything close to a structured, scripted program. A professional presentation consists of a lot more than walking around the facility and pointing out the first tee, bar and the locker room. It’s about building rapport, qualifying, asking questions and listening. A good presentation weaves facts and benefits with stories, anecdotes and humor. It has testimonials, exact points where prospects should be guided to stand while you are speaking so they enjoy the precise view you wish them to see. A professional presentation will even include the occasional negative point so it can be dealt with and removed from a prospect’s future list of objections. 

A good presentation should have every word tried and tested as if the script is for a great movie, painting a vivid picture in the prospect’s mind and heightening his emotions and feelings of what membership will be like for him and his family! A great presentation is interactive; it gets the prospect physically involved in doing something, in fact, many things, along the way. A well-thought out step-by-step presentation, scripted and orchestrated is detailed in this module.  You will find that anyone on your staff will be capable of presenting an excellent sales pitch. You’ll also find that with a structured presentation your success ratio in selling memberships will instantly and dramatically increase; for systems always produce better results than winging it or making it up as you go along!

module5.pngIn This Module You Will Discover:


“The objection module alone is worth its weight in gold to any membership director who has
ever had to deal with, “It costs too much,” or 61 other key objections.
This information helped us sell 250 memberships in just 24 months!”
Rudy Virga, GM, Pine Barrens Golf Club, NJ

Module Six – Legendary Selling – Overcoming Objections 

Objections are a natural part of the membership sales process and the better prepared your staff is to deal with them, the quicker you will reach your membership goals. The key to being excellent at handling objections is to anticipate every conceivable objection in advance and script the perfect answer to the objection. In a system, there is only ever ONE PERFECT answer to any objection, very often not the one that is currently being given by the club. In this module, you will understand the 5 step process for handling any objection and have the added advantage of 62 PERFECTLY scripted answers to just about any question a prospect could ever ask.


     In This Module You Will Discover: 

”The most complete training system I have ever seen for increasing sales
 performance, in over 30 years in the golf business!”

Don Carpenter, Former VP, Empire Golf Management, NY

Module Seven –Legendary Closing 

Just as in golf, a great drive and approach shot become almost meaningless if you take four putts to get the ball in the hole! All the money, time, sweat and skill you’ve put into your sales effort mean nothing if you can’t close the sale and get the prospective member to buy. Closing a sale is the first step to welcoming new members to your club. You’ve spent time and money to generate leads, given tours, and answered questions. Now you need to ASK FOR THE CHECK! Many people get so caught up in their sales pitches that they fail to observe that the prospect is radiating all kinds of buying signals. The prospect is ready to buy but the salesperson doesn’t know when to be quiet and close the sale. In fact, studies show that an astonishing 63% of all membership presentations are given without the salesperson actually asking the prospect to buy! Armed with the process detailed in this module, you will follow a step-by-step path to ultimate sales success by understanding how to transition smoothly from presentation to close. Even a small increase in your closing effectiveness will have a dramatic impact on your success! 

In This Module You Will Discover:

"Simple, effective and easy to implement with my staff…a staff that
now knows how to sell memberships as well as anyone on earth!”

Randy Shannon, GM, CA

Module Eight – Building a Referral Machine

Ask any good club how they generate most of their customers and they will instantly and enthusiastically tell you they do it through referrals. Ask them to explain their referral system to you and you are very likely to get a blank stare or a shrug. While some referrals will happen by accident you cannot build a reliable marketing system on accidents. You have to plan, measure and implement a referrals system that insures two or three referrals from every single person with whom you come into contact. In this module, you will learn the systematic approach to tripling your referral rates for every aspect of your club’s marketing. This is the lowest cost, highest response marketing you will ever do and will increase your qualified leads dramatically!


In This Module You Will Discover:

The Membership Sales Success System is a complete A-Z of everything you and your staff need to know to increase your membership sales.

Over 25 years of membership sales and marketing experience, at the highest levels, has gone into the development of these systems. Nothing has been missed, nothing forgotten. Every possible objection, every possible close is covered. These very systems have helped sell millions of dollars of memberships and will instantly help your club towards its membership goals... 

“If you think education is expensive, try the alternative
and see how much it costs you!”
Will Rogers, American Philosopher

A Single Additional Membership Sale Will Return Triple Your Investment, Yet the Membership Sales Success System will Keep on Giving Your Club Spectacular Results, for Years to Come!

Even at a lower end private club, a single member that stays for the typical seven years is worth at least $14,000 over his club life and that’s without inflation and considering dues only. At my club I spend almost that amount in a single year!  Do the math and you will quickly see that an investment in sales training will ultimately be the most profitable investment your club has ever made and with our triple back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk to you!

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Yes, I want to stop sabotaging my club’s sales efforts and provide my staff with the tools they need to bonus.pngdramatically increase my membership sales! Please RUSH me the eight module Memberships Sales Success System for an investment in my club’s future of just $497, Please also include your 10 hour audio training program Outsell Everyone as my free bonus worth $197!


Andrew Wood

P.S.  Perhaps the most potent quote I have ever read in my life is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. He defined insane people as, “People who do the same thing over and over again and yet expect different results!” Nowhere is that quote truer than in the world of membership sales and marketing. DO NOT DO THE SAME THING AS YOU DID LAST YEAR. Give your staff the best chance possible of getting the results you want! Invest in the Membership Sales Success System today!

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